Friday, March 7, 2014


In our house, we give lots of nicknames. Sophie responds to all of hers: Sophie-doo, Bean, Mouse, Sopher (etc.) Since the kittens arrived, my dad has given Soph two new nicknames. Boss Lady and Aunt Sophie.
Our little Sophie

Shortly after their arrival, the kittens received their own nicknames. Marie became Ree, and Nala became Naly. Soon, we started saying things like "Ree-ree," "Marie-bug" "Naly-bug," and "Nala-bean."

My dad has his own nicknames for them. He calls Nala "Point Head," because of the triangle shape on her face, and Marie "Half face," because of the white side of her face. Goofy.

The Main Floor

The kittens learned how to use the cat door very quickly. Nala got the hang of it right away, but Marie had a little trouble. Before we knew it, they were spending most of their time on the main floor of the house. They gravitated to the dining room chairs, just like Sophie did when she was a kitten. It took them a few weeks to get comfortable in the living room. They found Sophie's blanket on the couch and decided to use that spot for naps. Occasionally, all of the kitties cuddle there together.
Cuddling on the Dining Room Chair
Sophie, Nala, and Marie all have "special," the wet food they only get in the morning, in the kitchen. The kittens are skittish when there is noise in the house, but they eat their food with Soph when all is quiet. Whoever is finished first usually tries to sneak some of somebody else's food. Hungry girls!
Playtime mostly takes place in the living room or dining room. Marie always carries her favorite mouse around in her mouth. Nala is more fond of a little hedgehog stuffed-animal that she likes to "clean." Wrestling is also a popular game for the kitties. Even Sophie joins in on the fun! The kittens also enjoy sitting at the windows, looking for outdoor friends.