Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Sad Discovery

First thing Tuesday morning, I went to check in on the kittens. I slowly opened the shed door. They were gone. Mama cat moved them. I searched our property. Maybe they were under the deck. Nope. How far could Mama cat possible have taken them? They had to be nearby, but where? I felt the need to watch over them. We decided to give notes to our neighbors asking them to let us know if they saw any kittens. It was our plan to rescue them as soon as they could leave Mama cat. No one called.

Monday, December 30, 2013

A Cold Monday

Monday morning was chilly and windy, but sunny at least. We watched that shed. We saw no Mama cat. I could stand it no more. Those babies were cold! A large shoe box lined with a towel would surely help warm them a little bit. I slipped into the shed, gently scooped the kittens up and put them in the box. They snuggled in. They were young. They could stand wobbly and crawl over each other, but they were not walking. They were maybe 3-4 weeks old.

I went back to watching from a distance. No Mama! By 3:00, I was on my way to PetSmart to buy some kitten formula. The poor little things had to be starving by now! The babies did their best to lick the kitten formula from the dropper. They were definitely hungry. It was still so cold outside, but at least I felt a little better knowing they had something to eat.

By dusk, my daughters and I had convinced my husband that we should bring them into the garage for the night since the temperature was supposed to dip below freezing. Surprisingly, he went right down to that shed and brought the box up to the garage.We had just gotten the kittens into the garage and who should appear? Mama cat! She was sitting outside of the shed. The kittens had to go back.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Shed

April 2013 was unusually cold in the Philadelphia area. It was a Sunday. My husband was doing a bit of work outside when he discovered two tiny kittens in the old shed in the back of our yard, which was now owned by squirrels. The floor of the shed was covered with walnuts. The kittens were tucked away in the corner, shivering together, trying to keep warm.
 AWW! My girls and I were delighted. Kittens! Let's bring them in! Oh. Wait. These are tiny babies. They are still nursing, but where is Mama cat? We stepped away and carefully watched from a distance all day long. No Mama cat. Maybe something happened to her. We worried about the kittens and Mama overnight, agonizing over what we should do.

The Beginning

Marie and Nala

We are kittens born in the wild. Some people call us strays, but we are known as feral cats. We were never in a house, so people are a little scary, but cats are our friends. Mama cat took good care of us and moved us from place to place to keep us safe. Our fur was always clean and fluffy and Mama brought us to a big deck where there was always food and water. Scary people would talk to us and give us yummy tuna. We liked to peek in the windows of the house when nobody was looking. We saw a pretty cat in there and always wondered what else was inside. One day, we found out.